October 17, 2011


RE: Letter of Recommendation for Valerie D.W. Rowe; Workforce Service/Vocational Training/Leadership Development–City of Long Beach RFP.

Dear Sirs:

It is gratifying to forward this letter of reference supporting the outstanding commitment and talent of Valerie D.W. Rowe, CEO, VisionSpot Consulting, LLC.  Ms. Rowe is an innovator of progressive organizational development for workforce improvement.  Her dedication to sound business ethics is unquestionably worthy of forwarding this letter of recommendation.

Ms. Rowe demonstrates sound team spirit in working with our POWER Collaborative Network, a countywide Los Angeles-based human resources and socioeconomic development specialists’ nonprofit organization.  She provides information and management skills necessary for meeting our outreach and networking essentials that contribute to sustainable job/training engagement.  Her input consistently renews excitement and enlightenment among our members by sharing an insightful blend of business techniques with humanity.

She is a leader and steadfast advocate for attracting, expanding and retaining business enterprise through an improved workforce.  Her presentations are collectively received with an explicit belief that she is fully extending value-added service that will enable others to achieve.  Cinematically, I would reference Ms. Rowe as ‘3-D, distinctively discerning and devoted to helping people meet their respective business objectives.  As a result, her involvement is benefiting our community exponentially, thereby raising the commitment to personal excellence.

Respectfully submitted,


Dean L. Jones, CPM

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