business capacity builder

July 31, 2013

Joe Alderete, Director
Supplier Diversity
Southern California Edison
2244 Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770

Dear Joe,

As a business capacity builder, I have always recognized Southern California Edison (SCE) as an exceptional corporate leader of community investment and improvement programs.  Please note that this correspondence in no manner represents the City of Compton or advances governmental directives, as it is solely shared as a professional submission to promulgate economic development.

In 1992, SCE donated its’ 7,000 square foot energy substation building to the City of Compton, and completed the conversion of this usable asset into a dedicated job training and placement services site.  This is an exemplary public-private partnership that was publicized as a ‘Rebuild L.A.’ Training Center at 700 N. Bullis Road, Compton, CA  90221, which continues today just as it did then, consistently providing job and training services to local and neighboring community residents.

SCE and the City of Compton have both chosen to stay the course with this public-private partnership as each entity actively maintains their respective commitments and interests.  For example, the city sustains serviceable space for the Compton Unified School District’s Regional Occupational Program, Certificated Computer Training Classes, Compton Chamber of Commerce, County of Los Angeles Senior Services, and other nonprofit job and community development agencies.  Likewise, routinely SCE operates and upgrades as needed an active electrical power facility adjacent to the job training building and preserves land rights underneath the structures situated on this 7-acre site.

Our nonprofit has been a very satisfied contracted tenant in this facility for ten years, where we envision an opportunity for SCE to consider renewing its investment in this socioeconomic development project and at the same time receive a fiscal return on its investment.  With the significant advancements in energy efficiencies the timing for SCE appears appropriate to review the present infrastructure of this facility and determine if it has plausible progressive energy management upgrading and related career/training servicing opportunities.

In this manner, sustainable provisions of energy management can be optimized and thereby grow the ability for future generations to meet their needs in job/training and alternative energy sources for this strategic region of SCE’s service territory.  The City of Compton is the recognized “Hub City” due to its geographic centrality in Los Angeles County.  All of its infrastructure expansion and/or contraction produces a rippling effect to the surrounding cities of Athens, Bellflower, Carson, Florence-Firestone, Gardena, Lynwood, North Long Beach, Paramount, South Gate, and Willowbrook. In addition, there are commercial energy users actively operating around the  91, 105, 710, and 110 freeway on/off ramps, all of which directly border Compton’s 10+ square miles.

Even our state legislation recently passed CA Senate Bill 1, the Sustainable Communities Investment Program, which plans to expand long-term strategic environmental objectives including reduced air pollution, greater water conservation, reduced energy consumption and clean manufacturing districts.  Accordingly, I would be honored if you would be so kind as to accept this letter as a formal invitation to schedule a brief site visit to our office and the Compton CareerLink facility.  I think your opinion will add vital value to SCE’s desire to renew its original endeavor and involvement with this sustainable capacity
building community development.


Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.