Acting on positive social change as the most critical factor facing America, Roberto Recillas is solving problems through delivering programs with high national replication.  Accordingly, Roberto Recillas is a recognized community advocate, motivational bi-lingual speaker, instructor and author of the “I Believe in My Future”, an innovative school-based student and parent education enhancement initiative.

Mr. Recillas serves as the Executive Director of Programs for the United Latinos in America (ULA), a non-profit public benefit organization. In this position brings a dynamic experience with building a valuable collaboration between the communities of Los Angeles with law enforcement agencies including the Los Angeles Police Department, County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  For example, in January 2011 he received a special award for his work as a community advocate from the Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck.

Mr. Recillas’ fervent belief in the importance of parent involvement with their child’s life is the foundation of his passion in teaching classes to more than 1200 parents over the past 5 years.  This specific work is augmented to his many years of working with at-risk youth and families in South Los Angeles, allowing him the opportunity to identify in a personal way with the issues that affect the civil and economic justice for all communities.

Although Mr. Recillas is not an elected official, he is often used by the media and the police as a way of determining the general feeling of the Latino community, in certain situations acting as a point of liaison between that community and authorities.  His leadership, knowledge and skills with effective networking and partnering has identified him as among the most influential community leader of the 21st century for stronger local communities for a civil society.

Mr. Recillas earned an Intercultural Ministries’ Masters Degree from Grace College and Seminary.  He is dedicated to family, married to Rosa with children Isela, Daniel and Nathan.

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