California Arts

September 1, 2000

Multi Cultural Entry Program
California Arts Council
1300 I Street, Suite 930
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Panel of Judges:

It gives me immeasurable pleasure to recommend the Watts Village Theatre Company to the California Arts Council.  Surely, your committee will also find Quentin Drew as a truly gifted and innovative individual eager to help people grow into the theatrical and entertainment industry.   His dedication to business ethics and hard work is unquestionably worthy of forwarding a letter of recommendation.

Surrounding great leaders, you find formidable people and sound team spirit, characteristic of Quentin Drew’s leadership.  The Watts Theater Company’s support group helps one another strive to meet individual and stage performance goals.  Whether through a seemingly small or easily recognizable effort, a day does not go by without someone in the Watts Theatre Company going the extra mile for everyone’s benefit.  The Watts Theatre Company group present themselves as those their careers encompass more than the duties outlined in a script.  A strong and dynamic leadership within the organization can only bring about this kind of exceptional community involvement.

To me the Watts Theatre Company appears to think as a global incubator where views flow openly, and their teams of professionals work to ensure a quality complete message for each performance.  In as much as Quentin Drew makes regular decisions that go beyond all expectations for responsibly running any community theater group.  Mr. Drew affirms that mediocrity has no recognizable place in the community theatrical arts activity.  Time after time, he sends a very clear statement of promoting the highest standards of service to the theatergoers.

As a native Angelino, i recognize that there is tradition in the making by the Watts Theatre Company, which is why I am delighted to know that someone has the courage to carry a shining light for the arts of South Los Angeles.  I feel confident that you too are encouraged to support importance of this community program, thereby improving the quality of life through the all-inclusive cultural arts.

Respectfully yours,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.

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