Judicial Court Systems

September 13, 2000

Judicial Court Systems

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my honor to support the character of Mr. Aikens, as this letter serves as a character reference.  I work in a position of community development and Mr. Aikens is an individual of special acknowledgment.  Here in South Los Angeles consistent business growth and leadership is a consistently sought after asset.  Mr. Aikens and his family members contribute greatly to the needed leadership and hope for this area.  Mr. Aikens lives and works in South Los Angeles, geographically in the heart of the City.  He makes a difference with the business, faith-based and residential communities.

Surely, the situation Mr. Aikens has responsibly fallen into with our legal system requires your judicial review.  I would request that every possible consideration you could afford Mr. Aikens yield him the opportunity to continue to serve the South Los Angeles community.  Your legal review will find Mr. Aikens a truly gifted and innovative individual eager to help people grow as friends, customers and workers.   His dedication to business ethics and hard work is unquestionably worthy of forwarding this letter of reference.

In my profession, I see many business operations and managers that are full of discontent for their community and sometimes even their customers.  You find just the opposite when you see Mr. Aikens running his enterprise with pride in a pleasant atmosphere.  Mr. Aikens is a welcome asset to our area.  Everything is clean, upbeat and up-front.  Business is tough, but not with Gerald Aikens and his family.  Time after time, they all send a very clear statement of promoting the highest standards of service to our community.

There is good tradition in the making by Mr. Aikens, and as a native South L.A. resident, student and professional business person I am delighted to know that Gerald Aikens is that someone who has the courage to be a shining light for South Los Angeles.  I feel confident that you too are encouraged to support the short and long-term importance of offering real compassion for a gentle giant of our community.

Respectfully yours,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.
Executive Director

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