Leadership recommendation

November 10, 1996

Alberto G. Alvarado
U.S. Small Business Administration
Los Angeles District Office
330 N. Brand Boulevard, Suite 1200
Glendale, CA 91203

Dear Mr. Alvarado:

It is with immeasurable pleasure to recommend Mary Ann Mitchell, President of Computer Consulting Operations Specialists, Inc. (CC-OPS) for the SBA’s 1997 Small Business Person of the Year.  Surely, your nominating committee will also find Mary Ann as truly gifted and innovative an individual eager to help employees and other entrepreneurs grow as I have witnessed over the past five years.  Her dedication to business ethics and hard work is unquestionably worthy of omnipresent recognition.

Surrounding great leaders, you find formidable people and sound team spirit.  Characteristic of Mary Ann’s leadership infectiously encourages CC-OPS employees to help one another strive to meet individual and department goals.  Whether through a seemingly small or easily recognizable effort, a day does not go by without someone in CC-OPS going the extra mile for everyone’s benefit.  CC-OPS employees present themselves as those their careers encompass more than the duties outlined on a piece of paper.  A strong and dynamic leadership of the organization can only bring about this kind of exceptional employee involvement.

CC-OPS is in the global business economy where information flows and market conditions change faster than ever before, and its senior management cannot afford to shift the responsibility.  Inasmuch as Mary Ann makes regular decisions that go beyond all expectations for responsibly running any business organization.  Mary Ann actively affirms that mediocrity has no recognizable place in the services provided by CC-OPS.  Time after time, Mary Ann has sent a very clear message of promoting the highest standards of quality service and team activities.

A listing of every contribution Mary Ann has made would take many pages.  Notwithstanding, her activity as Chairperson of the Black Business Association was enormous.  Her efforts rejuvenated the member’s spirit and increased the financial standing of our important trade group.  Additionally, it was an honor to receive a contract from Ms. Mitchell to provide employee-training services.  Recognizably, CC-OPS employee morale and feedback displayed pure magic taking place in their company.  The kind of magic explained by growing sales and customer loyalty, of which is only accountable by the conduct of company leadership.


November 10, 1996,
A. G. Alvarado,
Page 2.

CC-OPS’s entire staff deserves commendation for their unrelenting efforts and commitment to excellence.  Repeatedly, they have learned from Mary Ann to anticipate customer and supplier needs that increase CC-OPS’s operational efficiency.  Congratulating Mary Ann Mitchell, President, and Founder of CC-OPS, comes with much anticipation at the award ceremony in her selection as the SBA’s 1997 Small Business Person of the Year.

Respectfully yours,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.


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