Public Support

April 29, 2009

The Honorable Mark Ridley-Thomas
Supervisor, Second District
Los AngelesCountyBoardof Supervisors
866 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles,CA90012


Dear Supervisor Ridley-Thomas:

A well engaged entity in concert with the 2nd District is the Compton CareerLink WorkSource Center, operating as a proven and viable employment/training resource for residents and businesses.  Since 2003, our nonprofit organization, the Southland Partnership Corporation, has operated as an effective job exchange partner and business tenant lessee with the City of Compton CareerLink WorkSource Center.

In view of that, we extend this letter as a formal request for your reconsideration of the funding recommendations made by the Workforce Investment Board Executive Committee during theMarch 19, 2009Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Please act to intervene on the City ofCompton’s behalf to ensure continuance of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs.

Now, more than ever before, our economic challenges demand that the Compton CareerLink WorkSource Center be persistent, without interruption, in its employment and training services in the 2nd District that it has effectively done for over thirty years.  These are dedicated staff members delivering experienced services each day meeting the needs of our mutual community constituents.  In addition, the Compton CareerLink WorkSource Center has an excellent track record of providing services to individuals with severely limited work skills and life challenges.

Southland Partnership Corporation and our subsidiary, the P.O.W.E.R. Collaborative Network (1200 job development members), is working with the Compton CareerLink by partnering in the delivery of workforce programs that have positive outcomes for job seekers and business customers.  Our respective partnership includes workforce services such as;

  • ­  Information and resource sharing at monthly job developer network meetings,
  • ­  Providing adequate and business meeting space at the Compton CareerLink complex,
  • ­  Extending opportunities to develop employment and training Internet referrals from other agencies.

The County of Los Angeles’ funding recommendation for the City ofComptonto manage and operate WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs is most important.  Which is why we fully support the efforts of theComptonCareerLinkWorkSourceCenterand look forward to a continued and prosperous partnership invaluable to the customers we collectively serve.

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter of great importance.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to telephone me at, (310) 637-7248.

Respectfully submitted,
Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.