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Mr. W. ‘Billy’ Williams

Billy Williams, [prefers Billy] President of United Latinos in America (ULA), has an altruistic mission devoted to inclusion, peace and friendship.  Billy established ULA as a grassroots organization in 2000 and since that time, the organization has partnered in hundreds of community service programs ranging from graffiti abatement, gang reduction, and health education to information technology, environmental preservation and business development.

Today’s ULA promotes the I Believe In My Future™, a student and parent development initiative founded by ULA partner, Roberto Recillas, and together is helping Latinos and others to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities.  Billy’s work has meaningfully expanded services for younger people by helping to build capacity that promotes positive behavior, which consistently steers them away from civil offenses.

After graduating from Washington DC International College with an Associate of Arts- Marketing Degree in 1976, Billy has done nothing less than continually extended his passion for helping people through actively volunteering with several major nonprofit organizations, including the Nonprofit Network and the Literacy/Education Volunteers of America.  His immense contribution of time and energy embraces the areas of community relations, fundraising, and hands-on job readiness/placement services.  Comparatively to his volunteer work, his employment is rich with socioeconomic development organizations ranging from the Los Angeles Urban League, United Auto Workers’ Worksource Center, Business Training Schools, The Right Way Computer Training Center, United Community Resources Agency, Web Business Development Inc, West Coast Ring King, and the Lotus Corporation that broadcasts radio stations WMDO in Washington DC and KWKW in Los Angeles.

In 1984, Billy moved from the east coast Washington DC area to the west coast making his new home in Los Angeles, California.  This is where he has expanded his reach to all citizens in maximizing opportunities, particularly education-based parenting, where he greatly appreciated while working as an actor in the movie industry.  His awe-inspiring moment to expand his community work with greater inspiration and motivation was realized in his part in the hit movie, “To Live and Die in Los Angeles”.  It was upon completing his role in this movie where he reemphasized his devotion of time toward expanding the awareness that working to build lives is the substance of life itself.

Most recently, Billy spearheaded a strategic alliance between the POWER Collaborative Network, a nonprofit human resources group and ULA that established and is expanding the South Los Angeles Conference Center as an inner-city cultural exchange and business destination retreat.  Notably, this partnership is a direct result of the Los Angeles Police Department – 77th Division’s community outreach coordination conducted by ULA.

Attracting investments for a more perfect future is how ULA operates with promoting community development marketing campaigns, printed media and other positive collateral pieces that serve to inspire.  There is one masterful poster ULA is most proud of depicting the vast array of flags symbolizing Latin countries, all of which are wholeheartedly embraced by the USA.  ULA’s undertaking for affirmative community transformation rests with the recognition and respect of diverse cultures, resulting in ‘juntos podemos hacer un differnce’, translated; together we can make a difference.

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