Financial Attention

November 14, 2011

Vice President, Grant Operations
Weingart Foundation
1055 West Seventh Street, Suite 3050
Los Angeles CA 90017-2305

Dear ,

We were pleased and delighted having LaSheryl Hoyd, Outreach Worker for the Weingart Center Association as part of the agenda at our POWER Collaborative Network (PCN) monthly meeting on November 4, 2011.  Ms. Hoyd shared with our sixty members in attendance about the Weingart’s Social Services Benefits & Enrollment program.  The attendees were able to garner some great information and I am sure will assist the Weingart Center with getting the word out to those suffering from unemployment, inadequate skills training, and housing opportunities.

Our collaborative learning process shares information with human social service providers who represent other nonprofit organizations.  In June of this year you forwarded a declination letter to our PCN’s request for financial support, which not unlike other foremost foundations, our minority-led and minority–serving organization routinely receives such unfavorable news.  Although, because our nonprofit activity continues through considerable in-kind support from a main number of our members, there is no doubt that the Weingart Center will continue to receive benefits as a collaborative community stakeholder.

Such as, the University of Southern California (USC) computer science graduate students are currently providing in-kind support with upgrading our web site.  This work helps us expand community service for PCN members to extend outreach of their respective job and training programs on the web site,

Since 2001, we have consistently provided beneficial value to social service providers in assisting them with achieving their fragile objectives, which impact low-income communities.    It is my hope that our capacity‐building of community health and human social service efforts to ethnic minority populations in Los Angeles County will receive financial attention from the Weingart Foundation in the future.


Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.

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