December 17, 2009

Office of Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
Los Angeles Minority Business Opportunity Center
200 N. Spring St., 13th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012

RE:  MBOC”S 15th Annual MED Week Award Nomination, Criteria Description – Entertainment / Media Provider.

Dear :

The Southland Partnership Corporation a formidable collaboration of business, government & educators on growth strategies, is proud to announce its nomination of Mr. Earl “Skip” Cooper II, for MBOC”S “Entertainment / Media Provider Award” as Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Black Business News, a monthly news publication of the Black Business Association (BBA).

Earl “Skip” Cooper II,  is an exceptionally active participant in the advocacy of minority business development and has been a dedicated supporter of minority business enterprises for over 30 years. Mr. Cooper has made it his personal commitment to help disadvantaged businesses and to be a resource for economic development of the inner-city community. His extensive career of service and leadership in the avocation of minority entrepreneurship and business development has contributed to the success of literally thousands of people.  Over the years Mr. Cooper has entertained and informed member of the business community through a variety of media formats. The most successful endeavor has been his publishing of the “Black Business News”, proud winner of the 2007 SBA Small Business Champion Award: “Small Business Journalist of the Year”.

The Black Business News “the link to Black Business Enterprise in Southern California” is the Official Business Journal of the Black Business Association. The Black Business News is a distinguished publication that features stories, editorials, columns, and commentaries that highlight and analyze small and minority business issues.

A premiere publication, the Black Business News offers policy prescriptions aimed at ensuring access for communities of color to the economic, social and political mainstream of America. It has been instrumental in the development of 10,000 African-American businesses within the greater Los Angeles area and its following has increased greatly since its inception. It is now published on line, through the BBA’s website and is read by supporters nationwide.

The Black Business News was first published in September of 2004 after the BBA’s quarterly magazine received rave reviews and readers expressed interest in seeing more BBA publications. The Journal especially supports the Minority Business Opportunity Center (MBOC) by informing members and readers of its MBOC events, educational information and resources that assist the growth and development of small businesses. The Black Business News highlights MBOC’s programs, contract procurement, and features articles on members who have benefited from their relationships with the Minority Business Opportunity Center.

Nationally, the BBA influences more than 75,000 African-American-owned and women/minority-owned firms. Through strategic alliances with Fortune 1000 companies, the Black Business News identifies and publicizes financial opportunities for the growth and stability of African-American owned businesses. At a grass roots level, it is a community voice that advocates for the success of small businesses.  Well respected within the small business community, the Black Business News is a conduit for the merging of resources, values, profits, technology and people.

Contributing to the growth and development of small businesses through community service, the Black Business News in conjunction with the Council, hosts quarterly procurement fairs that allow Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) owners to interface with procurement representatives from large corporations as well as the federal government. Helping large corporations meet their supplier diversity goals, the Black Business News is instrumental in bridging the gap between corporateAmericaand MBEs nationwide.

It is my sincere wish that you will consider Earl ”Skip” Cooper II’s and his creation and growth of the BBA’s Black Business News for your MBOC Entertainment / Media Provider Award acknowledgment. He is a most deserving candidate.

The Southland Partnership Corporation salutes Earl “Skip” Cooper, II for the outstanding work he has done and encourages MBOC to acknowledge him by selecting “Skip” as the Entertainment / Media Provider Award Recipient for 2010.

Respectfully sumitted,


Dean L Jones, CEO
Southland Business Partnership

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